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Ministry Spotlight: Prayer Shawl Ministry

At St. Ladislas, there exists a ministry devoted to warmth and compassion. The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a testament to the enduring power of prayer and connection.

"They are called prayer shawls because they are spiritual symbols of caring," said Ministry Leader Pam Mozola. "We pray while they are created."

These shawls have a rich history tracing back to the time of Moses. Today, they are lovingly knitted or crocheted by our dedicated parishioners and gifted to those in need – whether facing illness, grief, or simply seeking solace.

In the group's monthly gatherings, hands come together over these shawls as members offer collective prayers for both the recipients and those who have been comforted by them before. The impact is profound, as echoed by the heartfelt gratitude from those who have felt the embrace of our faith community's prayers. "It made them feel loved," Pam said. "What better thanks could we receive for our efforts?"

Anyone who can knit or crochet is welcome to join. Members graciously cover the cost of yarn, but donations from generous parishioners and individuals outside the group are always received with gratitude.

If you know someone in need of comfort, stop by the Parish Office to request a shawl.

In a world often fraught with challenges, the Prayer Shawl Ministry weaves threads of hope and healing into the fabric of our community. May God continue to bless its members and ministry!

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