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Parish Life Ministries


The purpose of the Boy Scouts of America is to provide for boys and young adults, an effective educational program designed to build desirable qualities of character; to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship and to develop personal fitness. Mighty serious business, all done in the spirit of fun.

50+ Club

In 1991 the 50 Plus Club was born due to the endeavors of a few seniors who recognized that there was a need for seniors to participate in the life of the St Ladislas community and to meet other parishioners. Membership has grown slowly, but steadily, since. It includes couples, widows, widowers and singles. We currently have over 80 members.

Heavenly Hoppers

The St. Lad's Heavenly Hoppers are a newly formed jump rope demonstration team. The team practices on Saturday with flexible practice times and usually one hour in length.  Team members consist of jumpers ages 5-13 and each week hone their skills as they learn new jump rope tricks. 

Parish Council

The St Ladislas Parish Pastoral Council offers advice and consultation to the pastor, Fr. Donald Snyder as he directs the spiritual and temporal life of
St Ladislas. The individual council persons are selected from the general parish community.

Sacred Heart Commission

The Sacred Heart Commission has been organized to aid the families of the deceased by setting up, serving and cleaning up a luncheon in Cullen Hall after a funeral service. This service is available to all parishioners.

The Social Committee is a group that sponsors various activities and/or meals that invite the parishioners of St. Ladislas to come together in a social atmosphere, meeting old friends and making new ones.

Social Committee
Wedding Rehearsals

Prior to a couple’s wedding day, most often the late afternoon or evening before the wedding itself, a rehearsal for the wedding ceremony takes place. This activity, held in St Ladislas, is intended to make certain that the ceremony will proceed in an appropriately organized manner. In addition, it provides the bride and groom with an opportunity to ask any questions they might have about the liturgy.

Council #16373


A Catholic Fraternal Order for men to offer Charity, Unity,
Fraternity and Patriotism.

Consider donating to the Knights of Columbus Charities

Knights of Columbus
Church Cleaners

Since the founding of St Ladislas in Westlake,  we have enjoyed the efforts of volunteer cleaners to help with the cleaning of our church building. Working as a team or as an individual (depending upon your schedule needs) the crews vacuum, the carpeted areas, and tiled floors, clean the church restrooms, touch up the glass doorways, & dust window sills.

Garden Club

Working with our professional gardener and his crew (Husney Landscaping) and with the maintenance staff of St. Ladislas, the “Garden Club” performs light gardening duties during the seasonal months of the year. We meet three times per year, in March, May, and November.

Office Volunteers

The St Ladislas Office Assistants provide clerical support throughout the year in a wide variety of clerical duties to help the St Ladislas Office provide optimum production. Volunteers are called to assist with the following office procedures: help to answer phones, take messages, transfer calls, print and copy materials, sign-up forms for organizations, and bulk mail preparation (stuff and seal envelopes).

Picnic Committee

Celebration is our goal. The St Ladislas 
Picnic is our method. Each year in conjunction with our Parish’s anniversary (August 15th) we gather together as a parish community to celebrate with a traditional parish picnic, held on the Sunday closest to August 15th.

Skilled Volunteers

To utilize the talents that St. Ladislas Parishioners have been blessed with, and to benefit from these skills which these individuals have generously shared with the parish on occasion and on an as needed basis. These skills include carpentry, various construction, plumbing, electrical, and other such skills.

Few activities bring a community together more than MEALS. Each year various St Ladislas committees and groups sponsor several meals - Lenten fish fries, parish picnic, Lenten luncheons, special receptions and more. To make these activities do-able, extra hands and feet are needed as waiters, table workers, clean-up crew, etc.

Special Parish Receptions
Welcome Ministry

The Welcome Ministry of St. Ladislas is a group of parishioners whose purpose is to welcome new members to the parish community and to help foster a warm and engaging environment for all parishioners so that they will have a sense of belonging, which will enable them to enhance their own spiritual life and that of the parish.

The key goal is to reach out to parishioners by phone to advise them of parish activities throughout the year. 

We are also known as "Fathers Phoners."

Phone Ministry
Social Sunday Volunteers

Parishioners are invited to socialize, to enjoy coffee and donuts, and to participate in fellowship after Masses during the year.

Tech Team

We are in need of individuals who have knowledge of as well as time to help our communication and outreach efforts utilizing the computer, internet and other forms of social media such as web page development, Constant Contact e-mail.

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