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Love Beyond Words: Mary Beth & Don Schneidler

On this World Marriage Day, we celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony and honor the husbands and wives who live the profound gift of married life. Among the couples who exemplify the beauty of marriage in the Catholic faith are Mary Beth and Don Schneidler, who were among the first to exchange vows at St. Ladislas.


Theirs is a love story that spans five decades, marked by the joys of raising a family, the challenges life throws their way, and the unwavering faith that has guided them through it all. Mary Beth and Don graciously shared their insights in an interview, offering a glimpse into their journey of love and faith.


A Rich Family History at St. Ladislas

Mary Beth proudly recalls the pride her father felt on her wedding day. As Building Commission for the City of Westlake, her father was instrumental in meeting deadlines to ensure the church’s construction.


“He was so proud that we were to be married there,” Mary Beth said. “My dad had continually admired the beautiful stained glass window from the original St Ladislas that was at the entrance at the back of the church. My mom and dad insisted that we have a picture taken in front of the special window.”


Just as Mary Beth and Don stood before the window on their wedding day, so too did their daughter more than 30 years later on her own wedding day. This tradition symbolizes a wonderful continuation of family history within the sacred walls of the church.


Faith as the Foundation of Their Marriage

For Mary Beth and Don, faith is not merely a component of their marriage but the very foundation that has sustained them through joyous and challenging times. “Our growing family stayed connected to our faith because we were rooted deeply in looking to our God for guidance,” Mary Beth said.


The St. Ladislas faith community became an extension of their family — providing support and a nurturing environment for them and their two children. Their involvement in various church ministries allowed them to instill these principles in their children. Over the years, their Catholic faith has been a source of strength, bringing them closer to God during moments of joy, the overwhelming experience of raising children, and the heartbreaking loss of their daughter.


Words of Wisdom for Newlyweds

When asked about advice for couples newly married in the Church, Mary Beth and Don emphasized the importance of setting priorities as a couple centered around God, each other, and family. They urge newlyweds to make prayer a consistent and central practice in their lives. Slowing down, expressing gratitude, and staying focused on what truly matters are keys to a successful and fulfilling marriage, according to their shared wisdom.


As we celebrate World Marriage Day, Mary Beth and Don's story serves as a testament to the enduring power of love within the sacred bond of marriage. May their journey continue to inspire couples in our faith community to build marriages grounded in faith.


Prayer for Married Couples


Almighty and eternal God,

You blessed the union of married couples

So that they might reflect the union of Christ with His Church:

Look with kindness on them.

Renew their marriage covenant,

Increase your love in them,

And strengthen their bond of peace

So that, with their children,

They may always rejoice in the gift of your blessing.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


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