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Love Beyond Words: Cathy & Pete DuBois

As we approach World Marriage Day — celebrated on the second Sunday of February — we joyfully celebrate a love beyond words, one shared between a husband and wife. We are delighted to share the heartwarming story of Cathy and Pete DuBois, a couple who believes following God’s design leads to a genuine and fulfilling marriage.

Their story begins at Bowling Green State University, where a simple “hi” sparked a connection. Pete humorously revealed, “she picked me up, figuratively of course.”


In June 1992, Cathy and Pete exchanged vows and said, “I do.”


One of the blessings of their marriage is the gift of three children. Katie, their daughter, is married and an Air Force veteran. Their twin boys, Cory and Donovan, graduated from Ohio State University and Miami University, respectively.


For Cathy and Pete, faith is the cornerstone of their marriage. “[Faith] is what helps us get through the rough times and enhances the joyful times,” Cathy says.


Pete emphasized, “We study the word, talk about it, and make sure we do the best we can to live by it. Cathy is here to make me better and help on my journey which she truly does every day.”


For those newly engaged and beginning their vocation of marriage, Cathy and Pete offer sage advice. “God has to be a part of your marriage,” Cathy said. “Pray together and read the Bible and Catechism together so you both follow God’s design for marriage.”


“Remember that the evil one wants to get between you,” Pete said. “Arguments need to be reframed as not husband versus wife but the husband and wife versus the problem and the evil one.”


Both Cathy and Pete stress the vital role the St. Ladislas faith community plays in their relationship.


“Being around others who know God's word and live it has helped keep God and His ways present. It is refreshing to see those who are good role models on what it takes to have a loving, committed marriage,” Cathy said.


Pete agreed. “Surround yourself with other Catholic couples. Just as iron sharpens iron, other Catholic couples provide strength and encouragement along the way!”


For Catholic couples, discipleship and service make up the fabric of married life in which each day is lived in an intimate, personal relationship with each other and the Lord. This is especially true for Cathy. Looking towards the future, she is enthusiastic about the prospect of growing in holiness.


“I want to continue to serve others and be more obedient to God’s will. I am also looking forward to someday becoming a grandparent, retiring, and traveling with my husband.”


Cathy and Pete’s commitment to faith and love stands as a testament to us all. Let us pray for them.


Prayer for Married Couples


Almighty and eternal God,

You blessed the union of married couples

So that they might reflect the union of Christ with His Church:

Look with kindness on them.

Renew their marriage covenant,

Increase your love in them,

And strengthen their bond of peace

So that, with their children,

They may always rejoice in the gift of your blessing.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


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