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Invitation for Finding Peace and Joy in Our Lives, an event at St. Ladislas Parish. Photo is of a group of men and women looking upward and raising their hands.

Click here for a list of recommended reading.

Join us for a transformative evening where we will explore practical strategies to combat the challenges of today’s world—chaos, loneliness, and addiction. We warmly invite you to participate in this journey towards peace and joy. There will be an opportunity for panelists to answer your questions. Teens and families are welcome!

Featured Speakers

Recommended Reading

These are a few resources our featured speakers would like to share with you.

Pocket Guide to the Rosary by Matt Fradd

The Pocket Guide to the Rosary helps Catholics deepen their prayer life and improve their ability to pray what St. Padre Pio called "the weapon of our times", the Rosary. This book draws from the writings of the saints, the Bible, and Catholic tradition.

Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence by Dr. Anna Lembke

In Dopamine Nation, Dr. Anna Lembke, psychiatrist and author, explores the exciting new scientific discoveries that explain why the relentless pursuit of pleasure leads to pain . . . and what to do about it. 

In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts by Gabor Mate, MD 

A world-renowned trauma expert combines real-life stories with cutting-edge research to offer a holistic approach to understanding addiction — its origins, its place in society, and the importance of self-compassion in recovery.

How God Changes Your Brain by Dr. Andrew Newburg

God is great—for your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Based on new evidence culled from brain-scan studies, a wide-reaching survey of people’s religious and spiritual experiences, and the authors’ analyses of adult drawings of God, neuroscientist Andrew Newberg and therapist Mark Robert Waldman offer the several breakthrough discoveries.

Time for God by Jacques Phillipe 

Written in a simple and modern style, author Jacques Philippe draws on years of experience as a spiritual guide to illuminate the fundamental principles of true prayer and describes some common mistakes and misconceptions that can lead it astray. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to make better use of their time with God.

Letters to a Young Catholic by George Weigel

In this remarkable exploration of the Catholic world, prominent Catholic author and papal biographer George Weigel offers a luminous collection of letters to young Catholics, not-so-young Catholics, and any curious souls who wonder what it means to be Catholic today.

The National Institute of Drug Abuse —

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