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Time and Talent Survey

Answer God's call; Share your talents or interests with others to support St. Ladislas Parish.

First, tell us about you.

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I’m a good listener.  God may be calling me to:
Offer advice & consultation to pastor; meets once a month.
I enjoy reading Scripture and discussing my faith with others. 
God may be calling me to:
Join the team that plans activities to engage inactive Catholics; deepen faith of active Catholics.
Invite “Pilgrim Madonna” into your home for a week’s visit.
Attend intergenerational parish events.
Assist pastor in preparation of couples for marriage.
Participate in gatherings with men of the parish.
Join the RCIA team to facilitate weekly sessions for those seeking full initiation in the Church.
Assist RCIC facilitator; RCIC means Rite of Christian Initiation of Children.
Discuss bible passages, offer shared prayer, fellowship; Wednesday evenings.
Join other women in monthly gatherings for prayer, scripture, faith-sharing & fellowship.
I pray for others and have compassion for the sick and elderly. 
God may be calling me to:
Meet with those who are grieving a recent loss.
Share visits, Communion services & rosary recitations.
Pray for specific needs of parishioners when called.
I enjoy rallying people to a cause, working with others to find the best solution to world problems, and prefer lively activity to quiet and solitude. 
God may be calling me to:
Prepare & serve meals at St. Patrick’s Church & St. Ignatius Parish.
Support, minister & program to the incarcerated.
Plan & coordinate Pro-Life activities, (monthly meetings).
Serve, inform & call to action the parish in Social Justice matters.
Pack food monthly for less fortunate; distributes food; picks ups food at groceries.
I’m good at starting conversations and keeping them going. 
God may be calling me to:
Reach out to parishioners by phone advising them of parish activities, (script provided).
Contact new parishioners & invite them to a welcoming reception.
I’m skilled at working with computers and technology. 
God may be calling me to
Assist with web development, technology planning, computer & network maintenance.
One of my favorite ways to pray is to sing or to play a musical instrument and I want to contribute to the joy of liturgical celebrations. 
God may be calling me to:
Accompany the choir, (audition by appointment).
Lead assembly singing about twice/month, (rehearsals every six weeks).
Conduct Sing-A-Long programs at Assisted Living Homes in area, (practices every other Thursday).
Sing at funerals, (called on short notice).
Minister as an instrumentalist during weekend Masses.
Sing at various weekend Masses, (audition by appointment).
Select music for weekend Masses, (meets every six weeks).
Join students grades 4,5,6 & 7 to sing at various weekend Masses.
Aditional ways to answer God's call are on the final page of the 2 page form.
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