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Reverend Donald Snyder, Pastor





The Elizabeth Ministry Needs Your Help!


Following the example of Elizabeth's friendship with Mary, the Elizabeth Ministry hopes to deliver hot meals to families with new babies after they return home from the hospital.  This ministry helps to welcome the new baby, and assures the family of its belonging to the St. Ladislas Parish community.  In the words of one of the Elizabeth Ministry’s recent recipients:

“Bringing home a child, especially the first, is terrifying.  Nerves are at an all-time high.  But what a blessing it is to be able to spend time with the little one and not have to worry about cooking a meal.  The Elizabeth Ministry showed us that people in our community are there to help and support us, even if it meant bringing over a simple and easy dinner.  It allowed my family to spend more time together the first few days and we can’t thank them enough for their help.”                                               --Laura English McClain 

We are looking for someone to coordinate the volunteers for this ministry.  The responsibilities include reaching out to the new family, maintaining a list of volunteers to prepare the meals, and letting the volunteers know when meals are requested.  Please contact Bernadette Clark at 440-225-1921 if this is a ministry you might be able to provide.