2345 Bassett Road
, Westlake, Ohio
Reverend Donald Snyder, Pastor




Purpose: A group of parishioners have volunteered to form a "prayer chain"  to offer intercessory prayer on behalf of their fellow parishioners and for their special prayer needs. Requests are offered through the parish office. Then the prayer team "takes over."

Commitment: Joining the prayer team requires a commitment to spend time in prayer for the specific needs that have been requested.  Even though the requests are made with some level of anonymity, a certain descretion is expected.

Preparation: Because this liturgical prayer has a specified structure, all volunteers will be given the resources needed to guide their work. A variety of other liturgical aids will also be available for use.

Contact Person: To make a prayer request: contact the parish office (835-2300).   To join the prayer team contact Laura McClain at 440-835-2300