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The Dynamic Catholic - Third Sign

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01/26/2015 12:57 PM

Posted on behalf of the Evangelizaton Committee

The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic

Third Sign - Generosity


"Generosity is at the heart of the Christian life, just as it is at the heart of the Gospel!"   It is through our generosity that God works to bring His love to others.

The happiest people are also the most generous people.  Sure a great accumulation of personal things can bring temporary happiness but it is based on external items that perish. It is not an internal happines.  True happiness is rooted in following God's word.  Happiness springs from what's happening within, not from what's happening on the outside.

God is generous, so we need to be generous.  It begins with gratitude.  Are you grateful?  Can you make a list of at least 100 things for which you're grateful?  Try it!

As Christians, we are taught that our time, talent and treasure are all on loan to us - and one day we must account for the way we've managed them.  Are you a good steward of the treasures God has entrusted to you?  Do you make your talents and treasures available to others or do you keep them to yourself?

Dynamic Catholics are generous with their praise and their appreciation.  They are especially generous with their encouragement.  The scope of their generosity reaches every aspect of life.

So what's next?  In the second sign, we learned about making a plan to pray and grow.  It starts with little steps and increases over time.  No sustained improvement just happens without setting a goal and establishing a plan to meet that goal.  So if you're feeling a little less generous than you could be, it's time to establish a giving goal.  Reflect on the talents you've been given and how you're using them to God's service.  Reflect upon the time you've been given each day.  How much is given back to God in prayer, praise and service?   Now reflect upon your treasure.  We never feel we have enough so reflect upon possibly sharing more!   If you aren't where you should be, set a goal to improve and plan the little steps to get you there.   Where do you want to be in one month?  Six months?  A year?   Set a goal to live the third sign - generosity!   Setting goals helps us to be the best we can be!

Generosity - the third sign of a Dynamic Catholic!

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