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Donating through Faith Direct

Posted by George263 Interactive User     1 Comment(s)  comment-icon.png
09/15/2012 02:23 PM

Faith Direct is a great way to support St. Lad's!  I’ve been using it since inception and I am very pleased with the convenience, accuracy and ease of making payment changes.  No longer do I fret because I forgot my envelope at home or fall behind because I’m attending another parish due to travel or family events.

Using Faith Direct has simplified my life.  I control the amount of my donation and it gets withdrawn from my checking account each month.  (Monthly is my choice.  Other options are available.)  I set my donations annually and then forget about it, but you can also go in and make changes as often as required.  Faith Direct also sends me an email reminder several days in advance of my withdrawal showing the amount and scheduled date so I’m never caught off guard.

I understand the Finance Committee likes Faith Direct as well because it provides a more predictable, stable income flow on which to budget church expense so we all sleep better at night!

Get the peace of mind that comes from supporting our mission while enjoying a simplified life at the same time. Check out the convenience, security and efficiency of Faith Direct ( and continue helping St. Lad’s today!


1 Comment
Added by mitch Interactive User
September 22nd, 2012

We are trying to "live greener" by making choices that help the environment. We started paying bills on-line to cut down on all the wasted paper and envelopes. Faith Direct lets us donate on-line automatically and reduce the paper envelopes the church has to distribute.
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